Патент на глобальный индекс облигаций

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Bill Gross: Bond King, Now Patent Holder of World Bond Index Method

«Бондовый король» запатентовал методологию глобального индекса облигаций, по которой веса стран определяются исходя из размера ВВП, а не уровня задолженности. Какая инновация!

Популярные заблуждения: тихие гавани.

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Popular Delusions: The bull case for safe havens

The case for quality equities as safe heavens …once US Treasuries subside.

Лукойл пошел в отрыв $LUKOY

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…несмотря на отставание всего энергетического сектора, да и самих российских акций от мирового фондового рынка.



From <http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui>



From <http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui>


From <http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui>

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Amazing.. Disruptive home and mobile medicine.

Global Macro Monitor

The wireless revolution in the delivery of health care services is coming,  folks.  We’ve been all over this story.  Click here, here, and here.

Scanadu is a new company with a mission to give consumers affordable medical care alternatives and to take more control of their own health.  The company is about to unveil three new products:  1) the Scout is a device that you hold up to touch the electrodes to your temple to take vital signs and sends the data to a  smartphone;  2) ScanaFlo acts as a urine analysis reader;  and 3)  ScanaFlu is a low-cost disposable cartridge that can test for cold and flu symptoms though testing a person’s saliva.

Here’s Forbes on Scanadu,

Using imaging and sound analysis, molecular diagnostics, data analytics and algorithms, Scanadu is aiming to gather health data in a new way. The company is competing for the Qualcomm Tricorder…

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Global Macro Monitor

Great dose of the business on «nonlinear thinking» and disruptive technologies.
Bill Maris and Kevin Rose of Google Ventures,  talk with Charlie about the search for the Next Big Thing and the ever ending hunt for «entrepreneurs with a healthy disregard for the impossible

People vastly underestimate the scale and pace that technology will bring over the long term and vastly overestimate it in the short term. 

The next big thing?  Radical life extension, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence, among others.   The interview took place on October 12th.

Click here for interview.

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