Amazing.. Disruptive home and mobile medicine.

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The wireless revolution in the delivery of health care services is coming,  folks.  We’ve been all over this story.  Click here, here, and here.

Scanadu is a new company with a mission to give consumers affordable medical care alternatives and to take more control of their own health.  The company is about to unveil three new products:  1) the Scout is a device that you hold up to touch the electrodes to your temple to take vital signs and sends the data to a  smartphone;  2) ScanaFlo acts as a urine analysis reader;  and 3)  ScanaFlu is a low-cost disposable cartridge that can test for cold and flu symptoms though testing a person’s saliva.

Here’s Forbes on Scanadu,

Using imaging and sound analysis, molecular diagnostics, data analytics and algorithms, Scanadu is aiming to gather health data in a new way. The company is competing for the Qualcomm Tricorder…

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