I am pushing for a more clear and regular schedule of my monthly Marathon Investor updates. My intention is to publish every first weekend in the first full week of each month. One week into the month will minimize any end of month ‘window-dressing’ or seasonality effects, at the same time it hopefully enriches your menu, already full of products tied to the ’round calendar’ (month, quarter, year).

So, next issue is on September 10th. So far the model has almost avoided the losses of the summer sell off.  We’ve started August with a small exposure to risky assets and an emphasis on quality U.S. companies in the equity portion. It will be interesting to see what the models are calling for in September, a historically least profitable month of the year, which opens a historically most volatile season based on the  S&P500 data. Shall we dump all equities? Are the U.S. treasuries providing protection?

Stay tuned.