Два крупнейших американских форекс брокера ведут 260 тыс. счетов частных клиентов. 75% клиентов полностью теряют деньги каждый квартал! Меб Фабер со ссылкой на LA Times:

Today there is an article in the LA Times on currency trading (note: I didn’t say investing). FXCM and Gain are the two biggest brokers with a combined 260,000 accounts. Roughly 75% of customers lost money every quarter (both are public and have to disclose such stats to the CFTC). This is exacerbated by one simple metric: 50 to 1 leverage (that is down from 100-1 of a few years ago but still more than 2 times leverage allowed to stock traders). You can also make a deposit by credit card.

Благодаря Currency Trading – World Beta – Engineering Targeted Returns and Risk.

Всегда найдётся кот Базилио на каждого Буратино. Будь это МММ или рынок форекс…